Residential Surveillance and Security

North Central Process Service is a licensed Investigation Services provider through the Solicitor General of Alberta and is authorized under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA) to undertake surveillance and undertake investigations to help mitigate against accident, incident, personal injury or damage to property or premises. More information on the type of work Investigators and Security Services are authorized to conduct can be found here.


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We can help you mitigate against accident, incident, personal injury, or damage to your property or premises through the use of static and mobile surveillance. We are licensed through the Solicitor General of Alberta and our Lead Investigator is a Board Certified PSP (Physical Security Professional) through ASIS. Our qualifications are second to none and when necessary, we combine efforts with uniformed Security Service providers and local law enforcement to provide you with a comprehensive response to vandalism, sabotage, theft, illegal drug use, anti-social behaviour, and breaches of the RTA or Tenancy Agreements, to assist you in complying with the Crime Free Multi Housing (CFMH) Program and other initiatives.

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Residential Surveillance and Security


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